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Bureau Veritas ISO 9001: 2008


Hellenic Metaforiki Containers SA is a dynamically developing company providing services and container marketing which was founded in 1978. Its purpose is to invent integrated solutions and products that will contribute to the better operation of companies and organizations in the private and public sector in their field.

The Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9001: 2008 has been adopted and implemented, which is the safeguard for the quality of our services offered.

Hellenic Metaforiki Containers SA was certified for the Provision of Container Transfer and Storage Services as well as for the Container Trading, Rental and Maintenance.


AEO-F Authorized Economic Operator 

ΕΟΦ  Authorized Economic Operator  


Hellenic Metaforiki Containers SA on February 21, 2012  received the AEO Certificate - Customs Simplifications / Security and Protection. 

The company meets all the criteria concerning the customs procedures of the Community Customs Code.

  • Less physical checks and document checks

  • Appropriate history of compliance with customs requirements

  • Commercial and transport registration management system

  • Proven financial solvency

  • Appropriate Safety and Protection Specifications


The benefits for AEOs are the following:

  • Less physical checks and document checks

  • Priority in handling loads, if selected for inspection

  • Selection of the place of the audits

  • Easier subordination to customs simplifications

  • Reduced data set for summary declarations

  • Warning

  • Indirect benefits

eg reduction of thefts, reduction of delays in shipments of goods, improvement of planning, etc.  

  • Improving relations with customs authorities.

  • Recognition as a secure business partner.

  • Mutual recognition


Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management and Transportation License


Hellenic Transport Containers SA has a Non-Hazardous Waste Management License, paper, plastic, PET, glass, wood, etc. 

The company meets all the criteria regarding the facilities and infrastructure and the personnel for the correct and safe transportation and storage of Non-Hazardous Waste and Recyclable materials.

The company is licensed for the following areas

  • Attica 

  • Central Greece

  • Peloponnese

  • West Greece

  • Northern Greece



Member of AB SEDEX Empowering Ethical and Responsible Supply Chains


Hellenic Transport Containers SA has been an active member of Sedex since 2010, 

strengthens and strengthens upholds the Rules of Ethics and Responsibility in the Supply Chain.

- Safe Work Rules 

- Environmental Study of Workplaces and Storage

- Green, Ecological Transport

- Waste Recycling Management




ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
Sedex member
AEO-F Certificate

Quality Policy


HELLENIC TRANSPORT CONTAINERS is a family company that has been active since 1978 in the marketing, storage, maintenance and transport of containers.

During these years it has managed to emerge as one of the leading companies in its field, having 4 depots in strategic points (Aspropyrgos - Inofyta - Piraeus - Volos) for the transport of containers, with a total area of about 150 acres.

At the same time, it is supported by a large fleet of transport containers, self-interested, permanent associates and other associates, so that it is ready at any time to carry out transport work of any volume.

Its development was based on respect for the customer and his needs, continuous investment in space and machinery, excellent knowledge of the market, respect for the legislation on the services it provides, permanent partnerships with respect to each supplier and effort for staff development and support.

Our accumulated experience and our love for our work are the guarantee for our continuous improvement in all areas.

The implementation of a quality system according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 is another weapon of ours in the face of international competition, focusing our efforts on quality, so that we can remain at the top of the market.

Setting practical and measurable goals can be practical proof of our improvement in individual areas.

In this process we need the help of our customers, partners and employees.



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