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Eco - Green Transports

Environmental Responsibility

Hellenic Transport Containers SA  has set the Corporate Environment  Responsibility as an integral and key element of its strategic planning, taking responsible initiatives and implementing specific policies regarding: 
- the provision of high quality services to its customers with low pollutants
- the management of the footprint it leaves on local communities and the environment
- its sustainable development, for the benefit of society and workers
Euro 5 Trucks
Green Transport

Sustainability and environmental protection  are some of the current hot topics in society, the economy and, of course, transport. for Hellenic Transport Containers SA these issues are not only modern slogans, but a way of operating for decades.

  1. Increased use of trucks with environmentally friendly equipment (EURO 4/5).

  2. Ongoing investments in modern low-emission equipment

  3. The continuous expansion of the combined transport network

  4. Optimizing transport planning - further reducing mileage (cyclical employment)


Waste management

Proper waste management  of the company is necessary for the protection of the environment in the field of transport. Our company cooperates with approved bodies for the Collection of Lubricants and Oils as well as Accumulators in order to avoid the pollution of the environment.

Specifically in collaboration with SY.DE.SYS IN Alternative Battery Management System Societe Anonyme and the Alternative Management System for Waste Lubricating Oils (ALE) of HELLENIC TECHNOLOGY ENVIRONMENT. elements harmful to the environment.



Container Transports
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