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Storage In Container



Waterproof Warehouse suitable for storage  goods, goods, food, materials, raw materials and household items in a container in your space or in our space.
Self Storage
Αποθήκη Κοντεινερ
Ενοικίαση Αποθήκης
Αποθηκευτικοί χώροι
Storage in Container

In-Storage Container Cost

Self - Storage


Container Types

8'ft - 13 cubic meters - 6 sq.m. -  2.44 x 2.35 x 2.30m from 50 - 70 + VAT

10'ft - 17 cubic meters - 7.5 sq.m. -  3 x 2,44x2,60m from 90 + VAT per month

20'ft - 33 cubic meters - 6.05x2.44x2.60m   120 + VAT per month

40'ft - 66 cubic meters - 12,2x2,44x2,60m   150 + VAT per month

40'ft HC - 76 cc. - 12,2x2,44x2,90m  150 + VAT per month

45'ft HC - 86 cubic meters - 13,6x2,44x2,90m  170 + VAT per month

Prices vary according to the method of payment (3-month, 6-month, annual payment).

Our company undertakes storage within shipping container in our space or in your space.


  • Customs warehouse

  • Transport of your goods in a container.

  • Competitive storage costs  

  • Collection and Distribution of Goods

  • Palletizing

  • Packing

  • Receipt - Delivery

  • Register

  • Complete shipping services for businesses and individuals

  • Full container load

  • Door-to-door delivery

  • Storage, lifting machines, palletizing

  • Distribution service

  • Telescopic cranes 15- 75 tons

  • Crane trucks 2-15 tons

  • Parrots for car transport, Container

  • Clark forklifts 2-5 tons

  • Clark forklifts 10-45 tons for Marbles

  • Vehicles for the transport of boat machinery and overhead loads

  • Non-hazardous waste transport vehicles






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Customs warehouse

We have airtight containers for storage of goods, household goods, solid and liquid products as well as frozen.

The  Our warehouses are located in strategic locations, 500 meters from the port of Piraeus, 900 meters from OSE in Aspropyrgos, in the Industrial Area of Inofyta in Volos and Thessaloniki to serve all your needs.

Our modern facilities are monitored 24/7 by security cameras, anti-theft alarm, patrols, CCTV, and a high standard fire alarm system.  We want to offer our customers the best to ensure that their products are stored in safe facilities.  

Hellenic Transport Containers SA can accommodate any type of cargo, either for short or long storage period, depending on the needs of the customer. If the goods require long-term storage, we will create a list with all the data, so that there is an accurate record of what has been stored. We provide specially made storage boxes (depending on the required volume) which are sealed in the presence of the customer and do not open until it is time to deliver.

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Self Storage Container
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