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Crane trucks


Modern Vehicle Fleet Euro 5 - 6, Vacuum Stacking and Container Lifting Machines, Cranes with a Capacity of 5-75 tons
Transport by crane vehicles

Our company undertakes container and freight transport with privately owned and cooperating vehicles throughout Greece.


  • Evaluation, transfer planning & information provision.

  • Cooperation with a reliable and organized network of correspondents abroad, which helps us to achieve immediate receipt and loading of goods for the purpose of door-to-door final delivery to the customer.

  • Selected guides, which are equipped with satellite tracking devices, so that we are in direct contact with them and monitor each shipment separately, at any time, from receipt to delivery.

  • Use of sliding and seated vehicles with a capacity of 80-110 cubic meters.

  • Coverage of trucks during safe transportation, the cost of which is borne by our company.

  • Tipper vehicles.

  • Vehicles for flammable goods and waste.

  • Complete shipping services for businesses and individuals

  • Full container load

  • Door-to-door delivery

  • Customs clearance (24/7 availability)

  • Storage, lifting machines, palletizing

  • Distribution service

  • Telescopic cranes 15- 75 tons

  • Crane trucks 2-15 tons

  • Parrots for car transport, Container

  • Roadside Assistance Truck

  • Tipper vehicles

  • Clark forklifts 2-5 tons

  • Clark forklifts 10-45 tons for Marbles

  • Vehicles for the transport of boat machinery and overhead loads

  • Non-hazardous waste transport vehicles






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