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Bar - Cafe by Containers
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Project: 20'ft High Cube  Open Side, Glass Roof Container

Locations: Rockwave, Ejekt Festival, River Party




Project: 2 x 20'ft Standard Open Side, Special  Container

Location: Technopolis

Athens Bar Show 2016



Athens bar show

Project: Containers, 20'ft, 40'ft, 26'ft  8 mx 2.5 x 2.9 m

Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens - GR80s


Project: 20'ft Standard Office for information desk, Insulation, Side Windows

Location: Athens




Project: 1  x 20'ft Standard Open Side, Aspida Posidonia Exhibition

Metropolitan Expo 2013




Project: Green Design Festival 

Location: Syntagma Square

Exhibition, Library, Activities  within  22  container 

Green design

Project: 2 x 40'ft Standard Open Side, Half Storage, Half Office  Container

Kalamata Olive Oil Production




Project: 2  x 40'ft High Cube  Open Side, Farm House Storage Area, 60 sq.m.

Location: Aitoloakarnania



Project: 2  x 40'ft Enomena, Cloakroom  , 60 sq.m.

Location: Metropolitan Expo




Project: 7  x 20'ft High Cube Containers 

Location:  Mad Video Music Awards 2016



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