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Tel: 210 5575840

Fax: 210 5576563

Mob: 6946 466571

6946 33 17 30

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How do I place an order ?




Means of payment



& Warranty

For a start you should find the product you are interested in. Start from the page, browse the categories and as soon as you find the product you want enter its page by clicking on its title. On the product page you will find its photo, description as well as a green box that contains price, choice of size or color (if any), quantity and  button. You select a type or size or color, select a quantity and press it  Buy. The product has been added to your cart.


The containers you will choose are of different dimensions and require a truck with a crane to deliver them. Send us the exact destination to give you the cost of this transfer.

Transfer to islands can be done with local agencies.




Payment for the goods is made at the following banks.

Piraeus, National, Eurobank, Alpha Bank.






When renting a container you guarantee until the container is returned.

The guarantee is returned with the return of the container if in the same condition as the one delivered.

All containers are sealed in excellent working condition.

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